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Takii's Vision

175th anniversary of Takii & Co., Ltd.
Dedicated to the world agriculture for 175 years and beyond

Takii & Company, Limited, Kyoto, Japan will celebrate our 175th anniversary this year.

In 1835, when Samurai warriors with long swords were still striding the streets, Takii was created as a small family business in Kyoto, Japan. The city of Kyoto is the center of Japanese culture. It is a city that boasts over one thousand years as the capital of Japan (from 794 to 1868) and the ideological stage area of the Meiji restoration; a revolution for modernization that took place in 1868.

Having been the capital city where the imperial palace was situated, Kyoto was a cradle for many different industries including the seed business. The seed industry began as a side business of skilled and hard working farmers who engaged in domesticating the exotic vegetables and flowers brought into Kyoto from throughout the country as offerings to the emperors. The farmers selected vegetables and flowers suited for their local climatic conditions and produced and replicated the seeds for sale. As time progressed, they became professional seedsmen. The founder of Takii & Company, Limited was one of these farmers.

Modern Kyoto is proud of not only its long tradition and history, but also its concentration of internationally known high-tech industries. Takii is one of the companies who represent the unique combination of innovation and tradition and for the past 175 years has practiced our corporate mission statement: “Contribution to the world through breeding and producing high quality vegetable and flower seed varieties.” It is a pleasure for us to imagine that the emperors of times past enjoyed vegetables and flowers our founder bred, however, we are even more pleased and honored to realize how much our varieties have spread in Japan and throughout the world over the past 175 years. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the support and patronage our valued customers have extended to us.

Takii’s 175 years of dedication is a commendation of our continuous efforts towards such innovation as the development of the world’s first commercial hybrids of Brassica vegetables; the development of various genetic marker technologies; and, genetic marker assisted breeding. As a world leading breeding company of vegetable and flower seeds, we note deeply in our heart our mission to create excellent varieties of high value for farmers, marketers and consumers of the world and to steadily and continuously supply seeds of such excellent varieties. We hope that by doing so, we are helping the world in its effort to cope with the increasing demand for food by the growing population, to preserve a sustainable environment and to produce clean, safe and healthy food.

In order to live up to the trust of farmers and consumers of the world for years to come, we will continue our efforts for innovative technology and creation of excellent varieties.

We look forward to your continued support.

Sincerely yours,

1st January 2010
Denichi Takii
President and CEO

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