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Head Office in Kyoto


Takii was established in 1835, starting as a seed store, dealing seeds of local Kyoto vegetable. Mr. Jisaburo Takii who was known as a hardworking and reliable farmer, started to produce and to distribute quality seed, which was the very beginning of Takii.

Kyoto was an old capital and various kinds of vegetables from other areas were gathered and presented to the Imperial family and for many head’s of temples. Thus Kyoto has become one of the cradles of seed industry in Japan.

In 1920, Takii started to export seed overseas, and after 1926 established its International Division.

After WWII, Takii has been developing quality seed, creating new distribution networks and new ways of promotion, causing it to be recognized as one of the leading companies in the seed industry.

1835 Jisaburo Ohmoriya(Jisaburo Takii the First) started distribution of seeds to farmers. This was the start of Takii’s seed business.
1905 The first catalog was issued and mail order business started.
1920 A privately-run firm, Takii Jisaburo Shoten & Co., Ltd. Was formed. The name was changed to Takii & Co., Ltd., 1926.
1935 Takii Plant Breeding and Experiment Station was established in Nagaokakyo City in Kyoto.
1950 Takii introduced the world’s first Brassica F1 Hybrid Chinese Cabbage “No. 1″ and Hybrid Cabbage “O-S Cross(AAS Medal in 1951 )”.
1962 Japan’s first F1 Hybrid Onion “O-Y”was introduced.
1964 Takii introduced F1 Hybrid Squash “Delica”, which became the most popular squash in Japan.
1965 “Coral Cross”, the first F1 Hybrid Carrot in Japan was introduced.
1970 Takii San Francisco office was established. First overseas office.
1982 American Takii, Inc. was established.
1985 Takii celebrated the 150th anniversary of its founding.
Takii changed its brand name from “Nagaoka Hybrid” to “Takii Hybrid.” By this time, Takii had created 425 hybrid vegetable and 136 hybrid flowers.
1993 During the 100th anniversary of agricultural trial research, Takii won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries award for “the establishment of the F1 breeding method.”
2000 Takii acquired accreditation of ISO 9002 for its quality control system, a first in the Japanese seed industry.
2001 Takii Research France S.A. purchased land with a facility for seed production in Grisolles, France and changed its name to Takii France S.A.
2002 Newly built Quality Control Center started in operation where various tests are done to supply high quality seeds to customers.
2004 Quality Control Center acquired an accreditation of ISO/IEC17025.
2005 Takii acquired a share of Bio Seed in The Netherlands. Takii participates in the molecular breeding program using DNA markers, which is held at Keygene,the subsidiary of BioSeed.
Takii acquired the accreditation of ISTA: International Seed Testing Association.
2007 Takii purchased Dutch flower seed company K Sahin, Zaden B.V.
2008 Takii purchased Danish flower seed company Global Flowers A/S.
2013 Takii Seeds India Pvt.Ltd. was established.
2015 Takii celebrates the 180th anniversary.
2016 Takii purchased breeding division of Turkish company Rito Tohumculuk.

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