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Seed Quality

Quality Assuarance Center

Takii Quality Control

The Quality Assurance Dept. of Takii is composed of six main divisions with four located in the Quality Assurance Centre of headquarter in Kyoto. One of the most reliable ways to verify quality is to do a grow out in the field, however it’s also one of the most time-consuming ways.

Another lab outside of our centre building is the seed priming lab at south of Kyoto. The four divisions are Seedling, Germination, Seed Health and Biochemistry labs. Tests are performed using state-of-the-art equipment under computerized systems. We’re proud to be the first seed company to earn ISO9001:2008 and ISTA accreditations, certifying the quality processes used by Takii. Here please be introduced these four labs.

Germination test lab.

Germination test laboratory – computerized test data processing

Each year more than 80,000 samples are tested for germination based on the International Seed Testing Association’s(ISTA) testing protocol. The laboratory has accreditation from ISTA and is qualified to issue ISTA certificate for germination, purity and seed moisture. All data from Takii’s original online system is instantly available for the use of all departments in the company.

Seed health test lab.

Seed health test laboratory – seed born disease tests

We test our seeds by the ideal method, namely culture test, bioassay, DNA testing and so on, to make sure the supply of seeds to our customers is free of disease.
Among the methods used are selective media, Bioassay and blotter tests.
Main diseases checked are Black rot, Sclerotinia and TMV.

Biochemical test lab.

Biochemical test laboratory

This lab has two basic methods, one is PCR test by DNA and the other is electrophoresis by enzyme. We work with labs outside of Takii to find critical DNA markers for our original varieties and use them to find the genetic purity of each lot within 24 hours.
Biochemical technologies are used to test the genetic purity of F1hybrid variety. The genetic purity of F1 hybrid varieties of leafy, root and fruit crops can be analyzed and checked by a method of electrophoresis that utilizes protein, enzyme, or DNA in the seeds.
This makes it possible for us to save time to see the purity whereas grow-out tests takes much longer.

Seedling test lab.

Seedling test laboratory – Seedling test in climate controlled laboratories

This is fully Takii’s original and unique test which is rarely done at other companies or institutions.
“Air temperature and moisture are precisely controlled by a computer system 24 hours a day. These meticulously maintained conditions force plants to grow using nutrients inside the seed and not use nutrients from photosynthesis for growth.”
As a result of this unique test, only highly valuable lots are passed and supplied to customers.
Seedlings are tested in plug trays in soil under climate controlled conditions using the most current chambers where actual growing conditions can be simulated.

Grow-out test.

Product problems in the fields can be minimized by this process

The key to high quality seed is not just whether seeds germinate or not, but also whether they produce healthy seedlings.”
“Testing the quality of seedlings under conditions that simulate actual growing conditions is yet another quality check to ensure only the best seed is available to customers.

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