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Our latest breeding technology, combined with researchers’ loving care, produces excellent varieties.

Takii’s process of experimentation and research are steeped in a long history of over 100 years.
Projects the researchers are currently focused on are “functional vegetables” and “pest-tolerant varieties.” The purpose of the functional vegetables is to aid the maintenance of good health and the prevention of illness, and that of the pest-tolerant varieties is the reduction of pesticide usage. Looking ahead, Takii is committed to contributing to environmentally-friendly agriculture as well as developing new varieties to secure a healthy world for future generations.

Over 2,000 varieties developed with Takii’s own breeding technology

The strength of Takii is founded on the hundreds of thousands of varieties we’ve collected from all around the world over the past 175 years.
Takii has released 2,000 varieties (1,500 for vegetables and 500 for flowers) utilizing these vast amounts of seeds as plant genetic resources, the breeding technique of crossing we developed, as well as using biotechnology.
Takii succeeded in developing F1 Brassica in 1950 for the first time in the world.
With the motto ” Reliable seed”, Takii always believe that it is important to live in harmony with nature.

Takii’s seeds have been loved in Asia, Europe, America and many other parts of the world

The development concept of stable supply of high quality seed is common around the world. However, climates, cultures, taste preferences, cooking methods, distributions and cultivation styles vary depending on the region. In order to develop varieties suitable to diverse conditions in the world, Takii has overseas stations and subsidiaries for practical research.
In this manner, as a global company in the agriculture industry, Takii has been delivering around the world a variety of flowers and vegetables bred in the local research stations.
Some of the reasons why Takii seeds are valued in various parts of the world come from our locally based marketing and development.

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