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Technical Specialty

Molecular Breeding Technology using DNA marker

The core of our development continues to be a breeding technology of crossing. Now, we also use DNA markers to speed up our R&D programs.
Takii will continue to utilize cutting edge technologies, like genetic recombination technology, only to the degree that our concerns regarding any negative impact on food and the ecosystem have been met.

  • Keygene in Wageningen, Netherland

Canna Laser Treatment

Supplying our customers with the highest quality seed is a primary objective at Takii. We were not satisfied with the results we were achieving with an acid treatment used to improve germination on our Canna seed.

We were vigorously investigating other options and as a result invented a process using a laser. This original technology uses the precision of a laser to make two holes on the hard surface of the seed. These holes allow the seed to absorb water more easily, leading to improved germination rates.

Using technology to improve what we deliver to customers is always at the forefront at Takii.

  • Lazer machine

  • Scarified seed

  • Canna Tropical series

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