Brassica (Flowering Kale)

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  • F1 Coral ™
    *Vigorous plants with thick, sturdy stems with moderate length*Recommended for culture to aim for large size head

    F1 Crane ™ (Round leaved type)
    [Round leaved type]*Winter bouquets are much more charming with the round shape, varied colours and long-lasting vase life of the Crane series*Genetic...

    F1 Crane Feather ™ (Feathered leaved type)
    [Feather Leaf type]*2016 newly released cut flower Brassica with feathery leaves*Feather Queen and Feather King have a very uniform, upright habit and...

    F1 Flare ™
    *Very early maturity and easy to get tall stem*Flare Rose and Flare White have very uniform, wavy leaves, upright habit*Flare White has such a pure wh...

    F1 Kamome ™
    *Kamome can withstand frosts and freezes*One of the few items that can be enjoyed in the winter garden

    F1 Lucir ™
    *A very unique Brassica which has glossy green leaves*In comparison to existing Brassica, the waxless glossy leaves of this Brassica show better colou...

    F1 Peacock ™
    *The plants can withstand moderate frosts and freezes and work well in wet conditions as their open feathery leaves are less likely to trap and hold w...

    F1 Pigeon ™
    *Pigeon series has a robust habit and is suitable for landscape use

    F1 Song Bird ™
    *Song Bird series has excellent doubleness with a compact habit*Available in Pink, Red, and White, 3 colours that bring out the beauty in winter garde...

    Sunrise ™
    *The colours of Sunrise (creamy white with pink centre) and Sunset (red) complement each other, working well in any floral arrangement*The size of the...

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