Capsicum (Ornamental Pepper)

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  • Conga ™
    *Dark Purple foliage with fruits that matures from purple to deep orange*A stand-alone variety with a plant habit between Mambo and Salsa series*The p...

    Cubana ™
    *Excellent large fruit on top of vigorous plant*Oval type of fruit with five colours can be used in various combinations in mixed containers and pots

    Favorit ™
    *Pointed fruit on compact plants with dark green foliage*Fruit is green with slightly black colouring at the start

    Mambo ™
    *Longer, round fruit on compact plants with many branches

    Onyx ™ Red
    *2017 AAS award winner*An unprecedented compact, black-leaved capsicum*Compact, well-branched plant habit with eye catching dark black foliage*Ball-sh...

    Salsa ™
    *Pointed, small fruit on compact plants

    Uchu ™
    *Slim fruit on medium sized plants with unique, variegated foliage*Fruit is cream coloured at the beginning

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