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  • Canneto White ™
    *Early flowering *Approximately 7 to 10 days later than Noble series*Dense flower spike with sturdy stem *Hairy-leaved type

    Cinderella ™
    *Dwarf selectable Matthiola with hairy leaves*The double flower plant ratio of Red and White is less than the remaining colours in the series*Seedling...

    Glory ™
    *Glory series is an improvement over the Xmas series*Uniform blooms are produced on straight and sturdy stems*Doubles can be identified by cotyledon c...

    Harmony ™
    *Uniform, dwarf, branching series with excellent fragrance*More compact, better branched and earlier when compared to the Midget series*Harmony has ap...

    Midget ™
    *Midget is selectable for double flowers by leaf shape*It is easy to distinguish plants at 3 to 4 true leaf stage - doubles have serrated true leaves ...

    Noble ™
    *Extra-early flowering*The full doubleness of Noble is breathtaking*Closely arranged florets make a massive display on a sturdy stem*Uniform growth ma...

    Regal White ™
    *Sturdy and uniform plants*Large, white flowers form full columns on sturdy stems*Hairy leaved type

    Snow Wonder ™
    *Extra-early flowering*Uniform plants produce an abundance of pure white blooms*Hairy-leaved type

    White Wonder ™
    *Extra-early flowering*This bright-green leaved variety produces well formed spikes*It is improved for stem strength and better flower shape

    Xmas ™
    *The non-branching gray-green leaved series produces a mass of blooms*Xmas can be grown both in unheated glasshouses as well as outdoor field producti...

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