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Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year


We wish you a Happy New Year what


We have a custom in Japan of sending New Year’s cards to people who are close to us or who we feel have done us some favor during the past year. We call these New Year’s cards Nenga-Jo. It is similar to Christmas cards in Western culture. In the cards, we tell a little about ourselves or our immediate family to those who live faraway or does not often meet. Sending New Year’s cards helps us to maintain contact and keep up with friends, relatives and others who are important to us.


Although we can not send Nenga-Jo to all visitors who come to this web site, we would like to gift wallpapers to you instead of Nenga-Jo. Please visit http://www.takiiseed.com/flower_arrangement/ and download them. There are many colorful flowers pictures and it is suitable for your desktop


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